Timeshares – Already Dead

Timeshares have been working hard at their style of DIY punk rock since 2006, when they were previously known as The Knockdown. That’s when I met them. They formed in a college town similar to the one I was living in when I met them. We were fast friends.

The Knockdown re-formed in 2009 and once each member got comfortable sharing vocal duties they hit the road, and they didn’t stop writing music. Since we built a friendship, naturally they reached out to me to help occasionally on various┬áprojects. I worked with them previously for their record Bearable, so when they signed to SideOneDummy they wanted to maintain that visual style that their previous record had. I worked with my close friend Cayetano Valenzuela at TheBlackRabbitStudio.

Cayetano first worked with the band on the paintings, and once they were happy with what he had produced, he handed the assets off to me.



As a favor for the band, I also threw together a t-shirt design with the painting. Being a former screen-printer I did all the color separations myself. This shirt was only available to those that pre-ordered the LP.