Time Warner – App Weather Section

Within the existing Time Warner Cable News App exists a weather section. A weather section that was so boring that it was an easy task to make anything a bit more appealing. The app team that I work with created the idea of the forecast wheel, and utilizing a lot of the data feeds that the company already receives.


We wanted to utilize the forecasts coming in from different markets so there’s a blog entry, and quick look at radar. After that I was able to show off some info-graphic skills with different charts representing the detailed outlook.


One of my favorite things about this piece of the app is the background images behind the forecast wheel. I found different images to correspond with the current forecast, and was able to manipulate the images so they repeat on the x-axis, that way when they automatically scroll sideways they seemlessly repeat:twcn_weather1





Play with the prototype!: (except for the wheel)

Click here to view the project `TWCN Weather Seciton`

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