Roger Harvey – Twelve Houses

I was approached by a friend who manages a record label called The Black Numbers who asked if I was interested in taking on the layout for a new artist they were signing. I of course said yes because helping friends out is what I love to do.

With little known about the project, he got me in touch with Tim at Good Fight Entertainment who manages Roger, and after a little back-and-forth he liked what I brought to the table. I was given two images, one was an illustration by the very talented Daria Hlazatova and the other image was a painting that Roger really liked. I was given the task of how to combine these two in some sort of interesting fashion for the cover.

After some playing around, I tried to keep this simple and chose to just do a clipping mask of the painting over the illustration. I also picked two of my favorite serif fonts (Scotch Roman/Baskerville Italic) to complement the folk-art feel of the cover. It also compliments the background textures, making the whole layout feel like an interior title page of a book.

The final typographic treatment was actually printed as a sticker and applied over the shrink-wrap, so that once the record has been opened, only the illustration remains on the cover.



The back of the jacket also reflects the overall typographic treatment of the front. I opted to leave off track numbers and sides to continue the minimalist feel.


The insert also has a similar typographic treatment, an a photo by Rob Larson.