Progressive Insurance

I was working at an ad agency and we were tasked with coming up with a simple portal allowing insurance agents an easy way to gain access to special RV and boat shows so they could hock their insurance. I also had the opportunity to manipulate pictures of Flo and we had some good fun with those.

This project was one of the first things I was able to have a bit of say in (design wise) while working closely with an existing style guide. I’m a big fan of design systems. One thing right off the bat I wanted to do was find a google font that was similar to the Progressive brand font, and I settled on Titillium Web:


After finding a web font that performed well and working with the Director of UX, the linear checkout process was rather simple to anticipate user needs for.

Agents would be given a username and PW from the internal progressive team:

Once an agent is logged in, they’re given a list of all upcoming events. From there they have the opportunity to narrow the type of event they’re looking for based on search results, dates or locations, determined by regions. I decided to use icons to keep it as playful as I could.


Once you’ve selected an event, you’re taken to a “confirm” screen, that more-or-less determines the dates you’ll be attending the event in question. I’m a big fan of calendars that are separate components, especially when dealing with responsive design.


Once the dates have been confirmed, agents are presented with this final screen, where they can log out, or choose to begin the process again.