Off With Their Heads – Knife Shirt

I’ve designed hundreds of shirts for friends’ bands over the years, and I believe this is probably my favorite.

A friend gave me some really old Futura stencils that I believe were used in the sign making industry a long time ago. Although it’s one of the most common fonts you see, Futura is one of my favorite fonts. This design also gives a stark contrast to this very clean sans-serif font with the use of some spray paint. The knife was scanned in on a flatbed scanner and then I traced it in illustrator, trying to preserve some of the contrast.


I took the initiative on this one. This had been one of my favorite bands for a while, and my friend was asked to play drums on one of their tours. Seeing that as a way to actually get some work by them I whipped this up and emailed it to them and they loved it.